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Download Whatsapp Messenger for iPhone, Windows Phone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia Asha, PC, Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad and maybe in the future Fire Phone, Firefox OS. WhatsApp have just released their latest version, WhatsApp 2.12.87 beta. This new version has taken the Material design UI to a whole new level. The WhatsApp team redesigned the call interface producing a more appealing one that is catchy to the eye and also makes the recently introduced calling feature cooler. The previous call interface had a pre-dominant green and red shade for hanging up but all that has now been replaced with a dark green background and a more tame shade of red for hanging up. The caller’s ID will now be displayed in a bigger font. Recall the vivid green WhatsApp call bar it’s no longer there. To make the design complete, they have made the icons smaller.

Apart from redesigning the call interface they have also redesigned the default background replacing the dark beige tone with a calmer color. The WhatsApp team have also made the outline drawings more dense and subtle and still maintained the Android symbol. The old icons have also been replaced with new more fitting ones. I am sure that to WhatsApp diehards these new icons will definitely be a hit.

The search feature has also been redesigned. The previous one had a search icon which has now been replaced by the word “search”. The white line under the text field that was there before has been done away with. This gives it a stylish look.

In the previous version if the “Last Seen” status was longer than the available space the contact’s name would be pushed higher and the line wrapped. That is no longer the case. The first characters of the message are omitted and this provides enough space for the date and time to be shown. The last feature I will discuss is that the new WhatsApp can now display iOS’s new diverse emojis that have different skin tones replacing the bright yellow ones. It may not be possible to directly send them form your phone but this feature will enable you to see the right emojis that were sent to you.

All the above additional features and improvements go to show that WhatsApp is here to stay and not just to stay but also to provide quality chatting services. This new WhatsApp version comes just weeks after the release of the previous version meaning WhatsApp is rapidly developing and taking the social community to a whole new level.


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