Hike Messenger Plans to Simplify Instant Messaging

Hike Messenger Plans to Simplify Instant Messaging 1

In 2019, many instant-messaging apps and online messengers have been trying to amp up the game by trying to present users with new features and better socializing properties. The Indian Hike Sticker Chat app is of course no difference than other popular messengers; Hike stated months ago that the next big plan for the Indian platform is to try and simplify instant messaging in order to make socializing messengers more appealing to the older generations and more fun for the younger ones.

Owners of Hike explained that the next step is going to be simplifying instant-messaging apps by helping users express their dialogues and emotions via stickers and emojis. Hike sees that the great dependence of millions of users on keyboards, lengthy phrases and complicated sentences makes instant messaging a somehow complex process for those who aren’t acquainted with today’s technological innovations.

Other popular messengers such as WhatsApp, Viber and Telegram are all adopting similar criterion of online communicating and digital messaging and that’s why Hike Sticker Chat is aiming to change the scene by focusing on bringing indigenous people in small towns and villages closer to the online world. Initially, developers of the Indian app are going to incorporate more artificial intelligence techniques and machine learning algorithms to better understand the customer’s needs and requirements. In India for example there are so many different dialects that Hike is looking forward to cover via presenting the Indian market with a new way of messaging through the internet. Hike is going to infuse a massive stickers and emojis content that’s going to be so versatile to suit each and every customer.

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The future goal of the Indian Hike app is to make online communicating a more approachable and seamless process that doesn’t depend on languages. Moreover, there is going to be a grand utilization of machine learning methods in the attempt to develop a recommendation system that’s going to help the user with choosing the best sticker to express any written line/s. So instead of spending many minutes writing lengthy sentences, the user is going to be communicating via emotive stickers and meaningful emojis. Some researchers however find that instant messaging via stickers only may be a difficult, if not an impossible, goal to achieve. Hike said that its platform is aiming to adopt an innovative approach to online socializing and there is no reason to rush and implement the new idea without meticulous planning and thorough market studying.


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