Yahoo Messenger Features

Yahoo Messenger Features 1

Yahoo Messenger is one of the famous software which is being used by most of the people especially youngster. It plays an important role in each and every field. It mainly helps in sending instant messages to other people. There are wide range of options that are available in this yahoo messenger software.

You can send any file by using software such as mp 3, word document, power point presentation.And the most interesting thing is that you can also share your photos with your friends and family. It has a lot of smiley option in it. you can express your status then and there while chatting. It will be easy to know about your friend status. And you can upload your photos in your profile.

When you start chatting with your friend you can send some smiley it will be interesting to chat with other people. Initially there wont be any contact you can start adding your friends immediately by using the their email address. If your friend is on line it will shown in yellow color otherwise it will be Grey color it means your friend is off line. You cant chat with that person. But you can send any important message to him. It will be sent once he login in his account.

An other interesting features of yahoo messenger is that you can send any talking image and it will say some thing like animation. For example saying good morning, I am busy now, catch u later, etc… You can use the template. You can also invite your best friends to join yahoo messenger. And you start chatting them and you can enjoy. There are wide range of theme available in it. You can choose any one of them which ever you like. You need to update the yahoo messenger once in a while then only you can avail all the option when ever it gets update You can make calls by using yahoo messenger and you talk to them. And there is an interesting features in it.

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If you have a web cam your friend can see your face using this web cam. I am sure you will definitely get addicted to it once you start chatting with your friend. It is not necessary that you should chat with your friends only you can also chat with unknown people. There will be chat room you can choose which category you like and you can start chatting with your loved onces. You can make free calls to your friends through this yahoo messenger. You can update you status bar like busy , available, idle. so that your friends will know about your status. I think it is very useful for you.


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