How to Use Facebook Messenger Instant Video Feature

How to Use Facebook Messenger Instant Video Feature 1

All messaging apps will ultimately provide similar feature set. The latest live Instant Video sharing feature from Facebook Messenger is not an exemption. It is just like Google Duo, SnapChat or FaceTime from Apple. With this latest development and background update, you don’t need to download anything to gain access to it. As Facebook does a little to inform you of its addition, some people may not even know that the option is available.

Here are the steps of how-to use it:

Step 1

– Click on the Video Camera icon located on the top right corner of your screen, while you are within a message, then click ok if messenger gives you permission to access the microphone and the camera.

Step 2

– Click on the screen once, after your call is picked up, and also on messages located on the top left corner to the return to the chat. The video from the recipient of your call will now show in the top right corner.

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Step 3

– If you can tap the video from the other person two times make it go full-screen. On the other hand, tap the Switch Cameras icon on the top right corner to share the view from your rear lens, while in full-screen video mode.

Instant Video is a great feature and fantastic addition for Facebook Messenger users who care for sharing video. However, you and the recipient must have the Messenger app opened, in order to send instant video. To get started sharing, just click the Video icon. Your friend will reply with text or video when he sees the video you sent.


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