Keep Your Data Out of the Hands of Hackers with Threema Messenger

Keep Your Data Out of the Hands of Hackers with Threema Messenger 1

Threema messenger app is a distinguished and the only favorite secure messenger in the world that will keep your data out of the reach of governments, corporations and hackers. Threema messaging app gives a rich set of features, and it can be used totally anonymously. What Threema Messaging App will offer its users?

Highest Encryption Ability

With Threema messaging app, you can encrypt all your communications such as status messages, media files, group chats and messages. You are guaranteed that only anticipated recipient can gain access to your chats. The NaCl cryptography library trusted open source is used for encryption by Threema. Furthermore, the encryption keys are produced and stored securely on devices of users in order to prevent copies or backdoor access.

Assured Privacy

Threema messaging app is premeditated to produce as diminutive data on servers as possible and this is a major aspect of its concept. You only manage contact lists and group memberships on your device and not stored or maintained on Threema servers. After messages are delivered, they are deleted immediately. On the other hand, local files are stored encrypted on your tablet or mobile phone to successfully put a stop to the misuse and collection of your private information and Meta data.

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All-inclusive Features

In addition to private and encrypted messenger, Threema messaging app is also feature-rich and adaptable. You can use it to send voice messages and write text, share locations, pictures and videos, create groups, conduct polls with the exceptional poll feature, send any type of file (zip, doc, MP3, animated GIF, pdf, etc.), synchronize your contacts, confirm the identity of a contact by scanning their private QR code, select between a light and a dark theme, use the Threema messaging app as anonymous instant messaging tool as well as silently reply with the distinctive Agree/Disagree feature.

Complete Anonymity

Each Threema messaging app user takes delivery of a random Threema ID for recognition. Email address or phone number is not needed to use Threema messaging app. This matchless feature lets you use Threema totally namelessly – no need to open an account or disclose private information.

Trusted Contacts

Users on Threema platform are allowed to verify trusted contacts with a key fingerprint or QR code to stop the attacks of a middleman.


Despite the fact that Threema messaging app is a personal messenger, it still needs certain permissions that you use when corresponding functionality is asked for.


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