Windows Live Messenger – Connect with Family and Friends

Windows Live Messenger - Connect with Family and Friends 1

Windows Live Messenger has been a favorite Instant messaging service of mine for a couple years now. I use it to communicate with all of my friends and family. I first started using it on the computer to communicate with my girlfriend (now Fiance) while she was at work.

Since she was not allowed to use her phone while she was at work and if she got caught using the work phone at her desk she would get written up. But Windows Live Messenger provided a great way for us to still be able to communicate since she had a computer at her desk. Then with the advance of technology i later acquired Windows Live Messenger on my phone. I then broadened my communicating to more friends and family.

I prefer it in most cases over texting because of the streaming connection between the two parties it seems to be a lot faster in response time of sending messages. It makes the conversation feel more genuine. Now Most recently I use Windows Live Messenger on my gaming console to communicate and send messages to people all over the world that I am gaming with.

Making for a more intense and enjoyable gaming experience. I have now even linked my computer, phone, and gaming console thanks to the abilities of Windows Live Messenger. So now when I receive a message on any one of my devices whether the message is sent to my gaming console from my friend in Japan asking me if I want to play a game or my mother asking me to come over for diner on the computer I can receive all the messages on my phone.

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It also works the other way around. If I am in an intense gaming session on my gaming console and my fiance sends a message to my phone I can receive and check it on my TV while I play my game. So in my experience Windows live messenger is one the most broadly available forms of technical communication. Its one of my favorites, it keeps me in touch with my friends and family no matter where I am at or what I am doing.

So I don’t ever miss out on any family events that I may have forgotten about or that are newly in progress. My fiance has even become just as fond if not more of the program. I already recommend Windows Live Messenger to all my friends and family, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone else that is thinking of using Windows Live Messenger.


I Love Messenger Apps.

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