How to use Whatsapp the Best Possible

How to use Whatsapp the Best Possible 1

Many users worldwide use Whatsapp for various reasons and opportunities. The main purpose of it includes writing messages and making phone calls on regular basis. What’s app is one of the most significant means of communication, but most of the potential customers are not familiar with possibilities it offers. In the following text, we will try to discuss some of the possible ways to make your experience with Whatsapp messenger unbelievable.

In the beginning, we can recommend to stay secure by keeping private information protected. In the main menu of settings, set the option private for status, profile and last seen mode. This will keep you from hackers, wanting to know how much you stay on the Internet or other interesting data. By the way, the phone number is always visible which is not so good for security conditions.

The second thing offered by Whats app is a possibility to check when the receiver read messages. This option is easily available in the each chat you did, with simple tapping  and holding the icon. In addition, in the case of disturbing alarms of messages, there is a way to set the mute option for a particular person or for the whole group.

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The next good thing for Whats up users is a possibility to make a shortcut of favourite friends/groups on the home screen. The option is available only on Android gadget and it can be easily completed by tapping and holding particular contact on the screen. In this way, customers will not have to open Whats app each time but to have contacts visible.

If you want to get information about chat in particular groups, there is an option for setting notification regarding particular group. Moreover, both Android and iPhone users have the possibility to back up chat data. On the iPhone, it could be done with the iCloud option and it includes particular or whole chat history. At last, there is a way to use Whats app on the new SIM card but with the old number. Namely, when you change SIM card, the whole process of registering through the Whats app will start. By canceling it, Whats up will maintain the previous number while the customer will use the new SIM card and phone number.

However, there are a lot of ways to use any app and Whats app is not the exception. Just make sure you know all the tricks and start delving it.


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