Google works on Mobile Messaging App

Google works on Mobile Messaging App 1

For some time now, we can notice that Facebook messenger has been the most popular mobile chat app. Most of the users prefer this app because Facebook offers it as a general chance and easy reaching means  for communication. Becuase of this, Google became interested in building an app which would be a rival to Messenger as well as a good competition in the mobile industry.

Namely, Google considers involving  a chatbot programme that searches The Internet and finds the relevant information for interested users. Actually, a chatbot program has the role in stimulating communication with customers on the Internet provider. With this app, customers will be able to search in Google what they look for, without a need to close browser as they previously did with the Facebook messenger. Everything would be possible by using Google research option so the project has the idea to keep Google at the top of web browser while, at the same time, to give it a well-based position in messaging the world.

It is highly disputable when this Google app will be available. Google didn’t make such a revealment, nor did they give some comments on the possible title of the app. It is sure that most of the interested user are impatient to discover how would it works and, moreover, would it have the same results as the last attempt from Google in the form of Google+ or Goggle Messanger. From the previous habits, we can notice that Facebook has the better influence on users in regards to apps such as these. Also, we could see that Google tried to develop its messaging market in the recent years, but didn’t succeed in this try. Obviously, a Facebook messenger has the better ideas or the most developed strategies for attracting the customers. Now, it’s everything on Google and its creativity to invent something better or more sophisticated on the messaging market.

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At last, it’s the positive to have such a try on the smart mobile market because the world becomes more occupied with instant activities, so the apps are becoming more useful for daily tasks. It is better to have choice within the mobile app industry than to be forced to spend your time on some shabby, not innovative mobile programs.


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