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Download Hike Messenger for iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Android, Nokia S60 series,… Hike chat themes enable its users to set a theme that matches with the relationship between the two people conversing with each other. Just for laughs and Hike smell are very entertaining features of Hike. The users who subscribe to the feature ‘Just for laughs’ receive funny images and Hike smell is specially designed to be used on April fools’ day. Hike timeline has the option to set a Hike status and picture that is seen by one’s Hike friends. A feature of Hike ‘Natasha’ is a bot that interacts with the Hike user using artificial intelligence.

In October 2016, Hike made available for its android users, the feature of free video calling. With free video calling feature, Hike users can converse with each other and the option of live preview in video calling allows a person to have a preview of caller’s camera before one decides to answer the call.

Recently in November this year Hike has made some very interesting developments. Stories on Hike messenger, All new camera and live filters are introduced for its users which are a fun way of sharing images and stories.

With stories on Hike, one can capture a photo, add it in the story, and share it. The story lives only for 48 hours and then it disappears. The user can share the next special moment with their friends. To make the sharing or stories easier, Hike introduced the built in all new Hike camera with over 15 live filters and Live masks. These filters are created for Hike users to have more fun while sharing their moments on Hike. The photos can be customized by adding Hike stickers and emojis.

Today, Hike has made an announcement on its official blog for Hike users on windows phone, S40, S60, Blackberry, BB10. The company said that it has decided to stop further updates and development for Hike users on Windows phone. No new features will be introduced for Hike users on these platforms but they can still continue to enjoy the existing features like text messaging and can still be connected to Hike as a user.


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